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Sawadee! Our warmest welcome and thank you for visiting our website. The best Hotels in Thailand.com and all the information contained herein, is the accumulated result of your host's own travels and personal experiences through amazing Thailand. This has led to an in depth knowledge of Thailand, the accommodations on offer, the best Thailand travel destinations, including hotels in Koh Samui, hotels in Krabi , Pattaya, Chiang Mai and worthwhile attractions, activities and excursions.

Though our core business is to provide our clients with a safe, secure and professional Thailand hotel booking experience and offer the best possible prices and special hotel deals, we also aim at providing un-biased, objective and factually correct information to help tourists plan their trip to Thailand with ease. This we believe could only be possible through personal and most importantly, ongoing experience as mentioned at the top of this page.

With a passion for Thailand, a passion for travel and a passion for people, this is not just a business booking people into five star hotels in Phuket. It is about personal contact with our clients, going the extra mile and providing the assistance and advice so you are able to make informed decisions when planning your trip to the land of smiles. You will experience our passion for what we do in the service you receive.

It is our promise to you that, at no time, will we knowingly and intentionally promote resort accommodation, or introduce you to any hotels; any reasonable person will not be satisfied with. If upon your arrival you find the accommodation and services contrary to what have been advertised or conditions generally unacceptable to a reasonable person, contact us without hesitation. We will deal with your dissatisfaction immediately and decisively.

We offer an extensive range of only the best and most sought after hotels in Thailand such as, hotels in Koh Samui, because once again, only the best will do for our clients. Due to our association with one of Thailand's most recognized integrated travel solution companies, we are able to offer hotel accommodation at the most competitive prices. With the back-up and extensive infrastructure, time and manpower this association creates, it is possible for us to distinguish between wich hotels make the grade to be promoted on this website and which one's simply don't. You will not find a hotel on this website simply because it is filling a space. If you see it here, it passed the test.
Apart from hotel booking services with a smile , The Best Hotels in Thailand is a one stop shop. Hotel bookings, transfers, car rentals, tours and excursions, you need not go anywhere else, we do it all.

With our personal knowledge, highly competitive Thailand hotel accommodation prices, our diverse range of products and services and focus on client satisfaction, we believe we can add the value to your accommodation experience you deserve.

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To be the most user friendly online Thailand hotel booking service provider, always focusing on adding value to our clients hotel accommodation reservation experience, thus becoming the preferred online hotel booking service provider for hotels in Thailand.