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Things to do on Koh Tao

Koh Tao has recently not only been voted as one a top destination in Thailand, but one of the best islands in the world to visit. Its stunning beaches, warm placid ocean and stunning beachfront bungalows are only part of the contributing factors. Another is its world renowned snorkel and scuba diving sites as well as Padi registered dive schools which offer professional courses for beginners to instructors. Chumphon Pinnacle, Sail Rock and Shark Island, all within a few kilometers off the island's shores are only some of the sites where most of the year you can expect visibility of up to 40 meters.

  • Scuba Diving and Snorkeling

    At Chumphon Pinnacle you are very likely to see reef sharks, Sea Turtles and an abundance of tropical fish and coral. Given the shallow and calm water around the island, snorkeling is also a big activity among visitors. You can snorkel from almost any beach on the island especially Sairee Beach. Mango Bay, Rocky Bay, Hin Wang Bay and Nang Yuan guarantee beautiful underwater scenes for snorkeling. Many professional dive centers are available offering certified PADI courses to beginners to several daily excursions for open water divers.
  • Nightlife

    Sairee Beach is where it’s happening at night. Bars and clubs, some with live bands and others with some of the best DJ’s on the planet will make your rib cage vibrate. Some of the most popular spots include Touch Bar, The Deck, Dry Bar, Dragon Bar and Maya Bar. Just strolling up and down the beach at night is enough to keep you entertained. Fire throwers, jugglers, music and people are thrown together and make you wish you can stay forever. Most of the bars and dance spots are on the beach and some on the mountain tops.
  • Boat Trips

    If exploring the depths of the Gulf of Thailand is not your thing, organize a boat trip via most resorts, with one of the tourist centers on the island or directly with one of the long tail boat operators. The view of the island shores from a boat offers a different perspective and a great way to see all the beaches.
  • Kayaking

    Kayaks are for rent and especially on during the monts December until April sees calm sea conditions so even novices can paddle from beach to beach and cove to cove to view rock formations cascading into the sea enjoying quiet time in a hidden cove.
  • Water Sports

    Waterski, wakeboarding and taking out mini catamarans are on the agenda for the extremists among us. It is an awesome feeling gliding across the warm water in such an idyllic environment.
  • Hiking

    Like most islands, Koh Tao is mountainous with steep hills and forest making it ideal for a few hours hiking. Though much smaller than even Koh Phangan, start early in the morning and take lots of water.
  • Rock Climbing

    The island has so many huge boulders and cliffs that it was unavoidable that rock climbing would become popular. Zen Gecko provides training and equipment.
  • Spa Treatments

    Of all the many things to do here, getting pampered will be on everyone's agenda . Upon visiting the island, see which one is to your fancy and have all your aches and pains pampered to your heart’s content.
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