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Bangkok Image Gallery

The city of angels is one of compelling contrasts, exotic sights and interesting discoveries. The famous Chao Phraya River plies the city in two and along its banks temples, museums and palaces are intriguing offering unmatched photo opportunities. From the suspension bridge lit up at night, watt Arun (Temple of The Dawn) to watching the Thai people of Bangkok living and working along the river are all sights to behold. We do our best to capture these in our Bangkok image gallery

Golden Buddha images, bustling markets, colorful tuk tuk's swerving through traffic, pink colored taxis and a thousand scooters all pulling away from a traffic light at the same moment. These are all images you want to capture on film. When you visit this famous city you need to look deeper and you will be amazed at the extraordinary things you can capture on photos of Bangkok.

Then, within the city's ever changing profile you will still see a lifestyle as old as the city itself. To the one side Bangkok feature futuristic sky scrapers and a lifestyle not finding enough hours in one day. To the other, a city of yesteryear at places like the floating market where nobody is in a hurry and boats laden with product slowly cruise the canals of the Chao Phraya River seeing life continue as it has for many years. For westerners, the east has always held some exotic charm and attraction, but few other places in the world offers a cultural experience quite like Bangkok.